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Towards the light

Hi, my name is Leonard Kouroufexis and I would like to share with you the story of how the band name LIGHTROAD came to be.

I was trying to think of something that would enclose the whole of life in a single word but thats a bit hard, so I thought, why not say it with one word and one phrase, and this is what I came up with:

“LIGHTROAD: The road towards the light and everything in between”

Which means exactly that: The journey of life with all the obstacles we encounter along the way and our efforts to overcome them.

From an artistic stance point we are mainly interested in artistic freedom and the essence of life which is to be well and to do good.

On our live appearances we perform our own original songs which are in the Rock-Pop genre but we also like to play a variety of carefully selected covers we came to love over the years.

LIGHTROAD PROMO VIDEO Background theme song: “Strange lady” by LIGHTROAD

Authentic music

Characterized as “true rockers”

LIGHTROAD is an authentic rock-pop band. Characterized as “true rockers”, the band is drawn into the unknown territories of artistic freedom of expression with a highly unconventional & anti-cliché presence

CONCERT HIGHLIGHTS @ Plateia Eleutherias, 5 Aug 2022

Song crafting

Escape limitations

Songs act as escape mechanisms designed to save us from the ordinary and rise against the pitfalls on the long, hard journey towards the light


“You get what you give”

The audience knows. In every live performance of any kind, there is an underground communion between the performer and the spectator, you cant lie, the energy you send into the audience is exactly what you get back