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When I was thinking about what would be the best approach for writing the description, honesty and simplicity were the first words that came to me. The simplest and most straight forward way I can put it is—the right information can help you become a better version of yourself. This book is for people of every level of spiritual evolution because its writing style is approachable and easy to follow, which helps the reader see the undiscovered parts of their inner self. With 35 life-changing tools on top of the main material, “rays of light” is for anyone who wants to become happier by understanding that the first thing we need to change in order to achieve true happiness, is ourselves.

Excerpt from “finding happiness”

“Everybody is looking for happiness—but finding happiness without the right information and tools can become an odyssey. In these series of books, you will find what is needed to make that odyssey as fast and painless as possible. By finding ways to replace our madness with love, we will save ourselves from a lot of suffering, but to do this, we need to dissect love and study it to its core, we need to learn the fundamentals of love and apply them to our everyday lives, as the main cause of suffering in this world, is the absence of love.”


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Blue Pear Publishing

Blue pear publishing is an independent publishing company which specializes in self-improvement.

Series title: “Rays of Light – Simple, essential, and effective self-help” 

Subtitle: “Self-improvement tools for a better life”

The series will be coming out in parts, going in depth on self-development in a way that has never been documented before!

– Excerpt from “the factors of well-being” 

“How we react inside, or, our inner dialogue, matters as much as our outer dialogue, if you got used to reacting with criticism and anger, you definitely need to reconsider because such behaviors are only poisonous for yourself and those around you. Achieving change requires we take it a step back, as our thinking is only a by-product of who we are at the time, overcoming our old self is a process which involves the body, the mind, and the soul—we need to act on all three, but even when we decide to give it our best shot, change still proves to be rather difficult, because we lack crucial information, and on top of that life gets in the way, we lose our focus, our passion, and finally, we get discouraged… The downfalls, the blows, and the difficulties keep bringing us down, our wrong approach over life makes as “heavier,” we notice we start to get tired by the middle of the day, fatigue dominates our lives, the negativity keeps adding up, and the only power able to save us from this toxic downfall is our inner voice, calling us from the very depths of our soul, to pick us up, piece by piece, and heal us, mobilizing the knowledge of truth.”

– Excerpt from tool #24: The silent gaps

I am mostly interested in the “silent gaps.”

First of all, these “silent gaps” are nothing but silent, as Albert Einstein said, “I want to know God’s thoughts, everything else is details.” To me, our verbal expression is divided in two worlds, the first world is the one we all know, and it’s called “the things we say,” which goes through our vocal cords, is audible, and made known, and the second world is called “the things we don’t say,” which goes through our thoughts, is silent, and kept unknown.

The content of the second world is known only by us, and that’s what drew my attention to it, because I knew its content was far more important. A great deal of our thoughts is un-shareable because they are horrible and mean, we criticize, curse, throw the blame, all kinds of terrible and inconceivable thoughts pass through our minds on a daily basis—the freedom of silent thinking allows us that, but just because these thoughts are silent, it doesn’t mean they don’t count. Our private thoughts count as much as anything because thoughts are energy and they travel through the invisible universe creating various reactions, the reason our thoughts are super important is because they attract whatever is happening to us.


“Rays of light brings back to the table iron-clad truths—it brings back fundamental truths on the essential matters of life in a way that has never been documented before.”

– Maria Peters, English literature professor

“Wow! I’m impressed. This book has depth. This is not a book just to read. It’s more like a tool. I hope the vast majority of people find and read it. It needs to be read slowly and be absorbed gradually, step by step. It’s helpful. It could reach out to a lot of people. I think it’s wonderful.”

– Rose Georgiou, Book critic

Unlock your hidden self

The writings inside this book are designed to make you see a greater part of your inner self which awaits silently and unexplored

Find your home

Do the distance needed to discover your true home. Only the right knowledge and application can help you achieve that

Brighten & Implement

The basics of personal development: Brighten yourself & implement what you learn, the only way to move forward

– Excerpt from “Love starts from inside”

“Love is the continuous effort of maintaining our well-being so that we can be happy with ourselves and therefore treat others well as a natural sequence, but being-well is not easy because it involves everything, every aspect of our self and life must be mastered. Being well means I feel well and I think right, that way I can act and react well, based on the truth. Being well requires a lot of personal effort and persistence, but it also requires an intellectual effort, which is the ability of understanding right from wrong,

telling right from wrong inside our thoughts is probably the most important skill you will need to develop.”

– Excerpt from “How we handle situations”

“Handling difficult situations respectably is a great factor in keeping a happy life, but this capability will remain an extension of personal development. Our quality as a person is molded since the day we are born, in a way, our personal development is the same as our wounds and values system because they are both created from our experiences and they both lead to the same point—of who we are today. The product of our experiences is our present self, of course our DNA plays a defining role, but how we are brought up is what will make that DNA shine or not, I’ll give you an extreme example to show you what I mean: How would a kid turn out if he grew up in a crack house? Now take the same kid and put it in a good home, with a loving environment, how will it turn out?”


Why Rays Of Light?

The reason I chose “rays of light” as the title is because I believe every helpful insight we have could be resembled as a ray of light derived from a divine source. I used to have such insights during difficult times throughout my life, insights I had the fortune to save and document. After many years of saving my private inspirations, I came up with a tome of material all mixed up, so I decided to at least separate it into categories and give each category a name.

That was the first time I realized I was holding a book!

From that point on, I started treating it as a book and decided to have it published because I was convinced it could help others the same way it helped me.

– Excerpt from “Anxiety”

Anxiety is fear in its root, a constant fear for everything.

“Anxiety is a black horrible feeling rooted in fear, and if we don’t find the mental strength to defeat it, it can become the main theme of our lives. If our thoughts and inner dialogue are governed by criticism and anger, we are bound to suffer from anxiety, because anxiety’s existence relies on negativity, this becomes a “cancerous relation,” the nature of I will explain furthermore in a bit, what’s more, our energy will be offensive, and offensive energy is easily sensed by those around us, feeding our anxiety even more—an exhausting cycle.”

“When we correct our wrong thoughts, our anxiety will simply leave us because it won’t find the food it needs to sustain itself. Anxiety feeds on negativity, and when our negativity is gone, our anxiety will starve to death.” 

a few words

Leonard Kouroufexis is not a pen name, it’s my real name, and Rays of Light is a lifetime’s work, my life’s work, among a few other things. My other great passion is singing, I have always been involved in the music scene through rock-pop bands and love to perform live. Through many ups and downs, changes and phases, I formed LIGHTROAD band. I also feel the need to mention my latest business interest and passion which is the exciting world of internet marketing. As for my personal life, I’m married and have two wonderful boys! I was born in Windsor, Canada in December of 1975 and moved to the beautiful island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea at the age of five. That’s all I can tell you about myself, because this book is not about me, it’s about making ourselves better.


My name is Leonard Kouroufexis, the founder of Blue Pear Productions and I personally wish you all the best in your efforts to conquer your freedom and your happiness 




The only way to make your dreams come true is if you become the dream

“The greatest gift God gave to us, is the chance to make ourselves better” – Leonard K. 

Our life, good, bad, or medium, is the exact reflection of who we are at the time, so it only makes sense to work on ourselves instead of the reflection.

We need to become the dream because everything derives from us; “The dream” exists only in our fantasy, is not tangible, but ourself is! Our self is the only reality we can work on, right here and now! When we work on ourselves, we are indirectly working on our dream, because when we make ourselves wiser, stronger, and happier, our life quality will become better as a natural sequence.

Every time we make ourselves better, we move one step closer to our happiness and dreams!


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how did this book come to be?

Every time I had a helpful thought, I would write it down on my phone, back then, I had an old Nokia phone with not much of a memory space, so whenever it got full, I would transfer my notes to my pc, print them for back up, and store them into an old closet.

After years of writing and storing—I came up with a huge stack of A4 papers, all mixed up, so I decided to at least separate them into categories, and give each category a name. 

That was the first time I realized I was holding a book! I’m not a writer, nor did I ever intend to be one, or to write a book for that matter, but there I was, holding a book with chapters!


From that point on, I started treating it like a book by editing, adding/removing parts, elaborating, reviewing, and polishing. I then came up with a great volume of material impossible to fit into one book, so I decided to separate it in parts by turning it into a series.


Although I’m not a writer, I noticed an inclination in writing, I don’t know, maybe I got it from my father who wrote articles for various local newspapers, with a great public appeal I might add, most of the time his articles were pushed to the front page! As you might have noticed my writing is simple and to the point, because that’s my writing style, I don’t know how else to put it, I want to be clear, powerful, and direct.



What’s inside


Extreme self-help

The secret alchemy of change


Start from yourself

Everything else follows


Disturbing thoughts

How to eliminate them


What is love

The essence of life



Transformation tools


It can really help

From the root up


Simple, essential & effective self-help.

– Excerpt from

“careful when rising”

Never take a serious decision when you are down.

Be careful when taking decisions before your healing is complete! Judging our life conditions when we are not well, and taking serious decisions from low points can be dangerous because we are blinded by the negativity of our broken self and messed life. Of course, we will need to take decisions through every phase of our lives, but be careful when going through a difficult period because that decision is affected from negative data. Difficult times are not the real us, they are only bad phases we need to push through without casualties. Pushing through bad phases without casualties means not losing the people we love while trying to get out of the gutter.

Many times, we lose people just because we can’t see we are still in the trenches, but that’s the nature of being in the trenches, for the most part the conditions are horrible, we can’t see clearly, and our judgement is impaired. Being in the hole is not a pleasant experience for ourselves, or for those around us, and this can have a destructive impact, ok, I accept many can handle bad phases better than others, but if you are one of those who get affected by negativity to the point of destruction, this is my advice to you: Remind yourself this is only a bad phase, it’s not indicative of who you really are, it’s only a stage you need to pass to get to your dreams. Stay united through the difficulties, do not decide on anything serious when you are down, even when the decision is “clear” it’s best to wait it out until you are somewhat healed, or until you taste some kind of success, because then, you will see things from a different spectrum.

After you heal and succeed, your judgement will be a lot different, but if you fail to wait for this change, one day, you will find yourself alone in a huge castle, crying over the people you pushed away while trying to make it “big,” but what kind of “big” is the kind where you find yourself alone? Wrong decisions while trying to rise are destructive because during bad periods most data are negative and everything points to conflict. Our wounds are not healed, communication is dead, we are financially broke, spirits are low, disagreements come up, and everything seems to be hopeless, with such data, major conflicts are inevitable.

I’m sure you now see why it’s not wise to decide on anything serious when you are in the mud, they say “when you are not sure what to do, it’s best to do nothing,” and that is very true, the safest order of action would be to climb to the top of the mountain, look down at the valley, and then decide your next move. Climbing to the top translates to healing the way you feel, to correct your thinking, and to fulfill at least some part of your dreams, if you still haven’t won your first battles, it means you are still in the trenches, bullets are flying past your ears, and you need to be patient and extra careful until you manage to rise.

Sometimes all that is needed is to let the day pass.

– Excerpt from


Enlightenment is knowing and practicing the truth.

Without knowing the truth, we are inclined to act in hurtful ways toward those around us, whereas being enlightened means we found the one and only truth, which is love, and we are living in accordance to that truth. But love doesn’t mean anything until we break it down, and one of the most important pieces from that break down is called, “the way we think.” The level of our love is greatly affected from our everyday thinking, this means we need to become able of thinking right. The quality of our thoughts is formed from our life’s experiences, influences, and knowledge, and one of the basic prerequisites for enlightenment is acquiring the right knowledge, or “truth knowledge.”

Enlightenment cannot be reached without the study of truth knowledge, which is the study of wellness and love. Being enlightened is to know exactly who we are, to feel great, and know why we act the way we act at any given time, that way, we are not left at the mercy of the four winds, instead, we act based on our beliefs, which beliefs are aligned with the truth.

Enlightenment is the ultimate knowing accompanied by a positive feeling, this knowing and feeling are built through experience, personal effort, and many downfalls, at least that’s how I learned, through friction with life, through trying my best, and through hitting the ground, but each time I hit the ground I learned something, until the puzzle was complete and the enigma was solved. For me, the solution to the enigma was hard effort, well-being, balance, and applying the principles of love. Wrong thinking, ego, anger, and insufficient effort were blocking my way to enlightenment, and that’s how I came up with smart ways to put my lower behaviors aside. When enlightened we feel strong, calm, and full of energy, a different quality rises inside us, a constant knowing, a fiery light we carry through the day. Our interactions are brightened by that light, judgement and anger are no longer our first reaction, they are replaced with compassion, and hate is replaced with love because we reprogrammed our minds with the right information and managed to feel great. Of course, we will get angry again, I’m not saying we will never be angry again, or bothered by something, that’s impossible, only now, our anger will be different, it will be more of a controlled anger, which has nothing to do with out-of-control anger.

But how does one know they reached enlightenment? Bringing ourselves to a level where we are effortlessly kind is the best indication we reached enlightenment, otherwise, we are still on our way. Elevating ourselves to a level where we naturally behave through the principles of love can only be reached by doing the things that make us feel good, by respecting our balance, and by nourishing our inner world with the right information. To me, this life is a game of love judged by our actions and I suspect the score we hit will be presented to us after we die. I believe this score will determine our next placement, at least that’s my greatest suspicion, since we can’t be sure of anything. The raw truth is nobody can be completely sure of what happens after we die, but I don’t think there is absolutely nothing, besides, the evidence on NDE (near death experiences) is overwhelming, so who knows, maybe our souls will get sent back to earth, maybe we will qualify to go to a much better earthlike planet in a solar system millions of light years away, maybe our soul will qualify to go through a black hole and emerge in a parallel universe with unknown laws, maybe our human intelligence is not supposed to figure it out, or maybe our souls are being exploited in ways we cannot even begin to imagine! My greatest suspicion is we will be judged by our actions, and this judgement will decide whether we have a better, worse, or same placement. This would be the fairest scenario by the way, and if there is One True God, I think something like this will happen.

To me, this life is basically a love test, and the better we score, the better placement we will earn after we die. I do not wish to come back to this earth, I would rather qualify as to continue my journey somewhere better, like a better earthlike planet, another spiritual dimension, or to go through a black hole, which I think would be the most exciting! But I know any of these placements can only be earned through my actions here on earth.

“The main problem of humanity is lack of the right knowledge; I will call this kind of knowledge—truth knowledge. Truth knowledge is the knowledge that’s always been there, behind the universe, waiting to be discovered, without truth knowledge, people are doomed to suffer, because not knowing can be hell, I know it was for me until I discovered a few crucial truths.

The main problem of humanity is lack of truth, people are missing enlightenment, without enlightenment, life can get hard.”


This book is for anyone who understands that the first thing that needs to fixed in order to achieve happiness is ourselves

Rays of light – From book description

After you take the choice, after you decide who you want to be, after you take the fall, everything will change in your behavior. There will be a great shift...

Rays of light – Part 1: Love

The truth is only one and you can always tell it apart from the thousands of lies, for every matter, for every circumstance, there is one truth

Rays of light – Part 1: Love

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