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Blue pear publishing is an independent publishing company which specializes in self-improvement. A very unique and extremely helpful series of books is coming out soon.

Series title: “Rays of Light – Simple, essential and effective self-help” 

Subtitle: “Self-improvement tools for a better life”

The series will be coming out in parts and it will be going in depth on self-improvement in a way that has NEVER been documented before!


When I was thinking about what would be the best approach for writing the description, honesty and simplicity were the first words that came to me. The simplest and most straight forward way I can put it is—the right information can help you become a better version of yourself. Rays of light is for anyone who wants to become happier by understanding that the first thing that needs to be fixed in order to achieve true happiness is ourselves. This book is for people of every level of spiritual evolution because its writing style is approachable and easy to follow, which helps the reader to see the undiscovered parts of their inner self.


“Rays of light brings back to the table iron-clad truths—it brings back fundamental truths on the essential matters of life in a way that has never been documented before.”

– Maria Peters, English literature professor

“Wow! I’m impressed. This book has depth. This is not a book just to read. It’s more like a tool. I hope the vast majority of people find and read it. It needs to be read slowly and be absorbed gradually, step by step. It’s helpful. It could reach out to a lot of people. I think it’s wonderful.”

– Rose Georgiou, Book critic

Unlock your hidden self

The writings inside this book are designed to make you see a greater part of your inner self which awaits silently and unexplored

Find your home

Do the distance needed to discover your true home. Only the right knowledge and application can help you achieve that

Brighten & Implement

The basics of personal development: Brighten yourself & implement what you learn, the only way to move forward

– Excerpt from “Love starts from inside”

“Love is the continuous effort of maintaining our well-being so that we can be happy with ourselves and therefore treat others well as a natural sequence, but being-well is not easy because everything comes into play… every aspect of our self and life must be mastered. Being well means I feel well and I found the right information, that way I can act and react well, based on the truth. Being well requires a lot of personal effort and persistence, but it also requires an intellectual effort, which is the ability of understanding right from wrong,

telling right from wrong inside our thoughts is probably the most important skill you will need to develop.”

– Excerpt from “the factors of well-being” 

“Your inner dialogue matters as much as your outer dialogue! If you got used to reacting with judgment and anger inside, you definitely need to reconsider the way you think because such behaviors are only poisonous for yourself and those around you. Although, for this to work we need to take it a step back and act on ourselves, as our thinking is only a by-product of who we are at the time. Changing ourselves is a process which involves the body, the mind, and the soul—we need to act on all three to provoke change. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, we forget, we lose focus, we lose our passion, we get emotionally tired, the downfalls hold us down, we feel “heavy,” we feel “black,” we notice we get tired in the middle of the day, chronic fatigue starts to dominate our lives, the negativity keeps adding up, and the only thing that can save us from this toxic fall is our inner voice, which is calling us from the depths of our existence, to pick us up, piece by piece, and heal ourselves, mobilizing the knowledge of truth.”


Why Rays Of Light?

The reason I chose “rays of light” as the title is because I believe every helpful insight we have could be resembled as a ray of light derived from a divine source. I used to have such insights during difficult times throughout my life, insights I had the fortune to save and document. After many years of saving my private inspirations, I came up with a tome of material all mixed up, so I decided to at least separate it into categories and give each category a name.

That was the first time I realized I was holding a book!

From that point on, I started treating it as a book and decided to share it with the world because I was convinced it could help others the same way it helped me. 

Excerpt from “the recipe for happiness”

“Everybody is looking for happiness—but finding happiness without the right tools can become an odyssey. In these series of books, you will find the tools needed to make that odyssey as fast and painless as possible. If you can find a way to replace your madness with love, you will save yourself from a lot of suffering, but the only way to do this is by dissecting love and studying it to its core. You need to learn all its characteristics and then apply them to your everyday life, as the main cause of suffering in this world is basically the absence of love.”

a few words from me to you

Leonard Kouroufexis is not a pen name, it’s my real name and Rays of Light is a lifetimes work, my life’s work, among a few other things. My other great passion is singing, I have always been involved in the music scene through rock-pop bands and love to perform live. Through many ups and downs, changes and phases, I formed LIGHTROAD band. I also feel the need to mention my latest business interest and passion which is the exciting world of internet marketing. As for my personal life, I’m married and have a beautiful baby and we are looking forward to another two! I was born in Windsor, Canada in December of 1975 and moved to the beautiful island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea at the age of five. That’s all I can tell you about myself because this book is not about me, it’s about making ourselves better. 


My name is Leonard Kouroufexis, the founder of Blue Pear Productions and I personally wish you all the best in your efforts to conquer your freedom and your happiness 




The only way to make your dreams come true is if you become the dream

“The greatest gift God gave us is the chance to make ourselves better” 

Yourself has to become the dream because any life you have, good, bad or medium, is the exact reflection of who you are at the time, so it only makes sense to work on yourself instead of working on “your dream”. Everything derives from you; you are the center of the wheel and the spikes that surround that wheel are the faithful product of that center. “The dream” doesn’t exist anywhere besides your fantasy, but yourself does! Your self is the only reality you can work on, right here and now! When you work on yourself you are also working on your dream, because when you make yourself better, stronger, healthier and happier your life quality also becomes better as a natural sequence. Every time you make yourself better, inside and out, you move a step closer to your dreams!

– Excerpt taken from from Rays of light – Part: Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is the heart and soul of Rays. To me, its the most important part of the series because it shakes your foundation.

Coming in the near future.


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how did this book come to be?

Every time I had a helpful thought, I would write it down on my phone. Back then, I had an old Nokia phone with not much memory space, so whenever my phone got full, I would transfer my notes to my pc, and then I would print them for back up, and store them into an old closet.

After years of writing, and storing—I came up with a huge stack of A4 papers, all mixed up. So, I decided to at least separate them into categories and give each category a name. From that point on, I started treating it like a book by editing, adding/removing parts, elaborating, reviewing and polishing. After years of editing, I came up with a great volume of material impossible to fit into one book, so I decided to have it published in parts by turning it into a series.

That was the first I realized I was holding a book! I’m not a writer, nor did I ever intend to be one, or to write a book for that matter, but there I was, holding a book with chapters!


Although I’m not a writer, I noticed a great inclination towards writing, maybe I got it from my father who used to write articles for various local newspapers with a great public appeal I might add, most of the times his articles were pushed to the front page! As you might have noticed my writing is simple and to the point because that’s just my writing style, don’t know how else to put it, I want my writing to be clear, direct and powerful.



What’s inside


Extreme self-help

The secret alchemy of change


Start from yourself

Everything else follows


Disturbing thoughts

How to eliminate them


What is love

The essence of life



Transformation tools


Like never before

Shocking material

Excerpt from part 1: Love


Simple, essential & effective self-help.

“One of the greatest fundamentals of love is to treat others well, as that is the true meaning and essence of love, but the only way to treat others well, is if you first are well. The number one tool to make yourself well is to do the things you know you should. When you start doing those things, little by little, you will start to feel better, which will then make you treat others better as a natural sequence.

A crucial factor of well-being is reevaluating our thoughts. This is also known as self judgement. Questioning our thoughts is one of the most important tasks we can perform as humans. The way we react against everyday situations will define our life, and the way we react is tied to how we think. If the outcome of your life is problematic, if you find you are suffering with relationships most of the time, you definitely need to reconsider and heal your entire inner world.

Our inner world consists of our feelings, thought patterns, values, and beliefs, but maybe some of these are not serving us well and need to be replaced or fixed—this process is called “reconditioning” and it’s a simple method of creating new thought patterns.

“The main problem of humanity is lack of the right knowledge. I will call this kind of knowledge—truth knowledge. Truth knowledge, is the knowledge that’s always been there, behind the universe, waiting to be discovered.

The main problem of humanity is lack of truth. People are missing enlightenment. Without the right knowledge, you are doomed to suffer.”


This book is for anyone who understands that the first thing that needs to fixed in order to achieve happiness is ourselves

Rays of light – From book description

After you take the choice, after you decide who you want to be, after you take the fall, everything will change in your behavior. There will be a great shift...

Rays of light – Part 1: Love

The truth is only one and you can always tell it apart from the thousands of lies, for every matter, for every circumstance, there is one truth

Rays of light – Part 1: Love

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