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Blue pear productions is all about internet marketing, more specifically self-publishing, affiliate marketing and products promotion. Blue pear productions is also home of Lightroad band, an active rock-pop band with various live performances and original music production

Our sole rule as an internet marketing company is to promote any kind of product just as long as the product is of great value. Of course, as everybody says “mindset is key” that’s why we will also be promoting anything that has to do with mindset empowerment

So to recap, we will basically put out any kind of content, even on unrelated subjects, just as long as the content is worth it. On this website you will find all kinds of information and products related to your endeavors on building your online business and escaping life’s most common limitations

My name is Leonard Kouroufexis, the founder of Blue Pear Productions and I personally wish you all the best in your efforts to conquer your freedom and your happiness 

Leonard Kouroufexis




Blue pear productions is a new internet marketing company created in June 2018. Our aim is to bring true value with original music, unique writing & helpful products. Quality is our number one goal. Quality is like wine, it makes the product stronger with time. Although we are newborn in the exciting field of internet marketing, we definitely plan to grow bigger & stronger with quality, authenticity, effort and love as our nourishment